3 steps to getting a BIG Assist voucher

1. Begin by confirming you are an infrastructure organisation.

You will do this by filling in our pre-qualification question. If you’re not sure, check our description of infrastructure.

(if you have already received vouchers and would like to reapply, read our quick step guide on how to reapply.)

2. Fill in our self-assessment

A series of more detailed questions about your organisation that will need to someone within the organisation who has sufficient knowledge of your organisation in order to fill out. If you need a bit of support or have any questions during this part our customer consultant Julie can help.

3. Tell us about it

After you submit your self-assessment our customer consultant will read through and undertake some brief research on your organisation and then our assistant Vasilis will contact you to arrange a review meeting. These are mostly over the phone but can also be face to face.

- The purpose of the call is to identify the priority areas of need within your organisation and agree with you what the outcomes of any potential support through BIG Assist would look like.
- The review call will take approximately an hour.

Now you’re done and as a result customers may receive a voucher valued at up to £15,000 which can be ‘spent’ in the our marketplace of approved suppliers; and once you've spent them you can apply again for more!